Project Schedule

Therrien will provide you with a project schedule so you know when to expect various phases of the project to begin. The project schedule is also an indicator as to when the homeowner required selection will need to be made to insure a timely completion of their project.


Therrien will provide all the necessary permits for your project. Shortly after you sign the proposal and we receive first payment, we apply for the permits. Some items you'll need to provide include a site/plot plan and Home Owner Association approval (if applicable).

Color Sheet

After you sign the proposal, we develop a Color Sheet for your project. The Color Sheet includes items that you need to select for your project (i.e. cabinetry, flooring, plumbing fixtures, paint colors, etc.). The Color Sheet is customized to your project and only includes items that you will be responsible for selecting. The Color Sheet, project schedule, and our Design Coordinator give you resources necessary to make your selections in a timely manner, avoiding delays to the completion of the project.

Pre-Construction Meeting

About one week prior to the project start date, we'll meet briefly to discuss details and let you know what to expect once the project begins. Worker protocol, work times, Therrien responsibilities, your responsibilities, and daily access to the project site are some of the items we will review. The following will be covered at the pre-construction meeting:

Project Site Preparation

Before work on your project can begin, all personal items including furniture, wall hangings, and personal belongings need to be removed from the project work area. Upon request Therrien can assist in the moving of large items. Once work begins, normal working hours are 7:00 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. Monday through Friday. This schedule is flexible if necessary due to community and municipality regulations. For your safety and the safety of workers, Therrien will keep the job site clean and orderly throughout the duration of the project.


Keeping the lines of communication open is paramount to the success of any project. Talking to the right person keeps the project advancing smoothly; therefore we urge our clients to communicate with us on a regular basis. No matter what your request or questions may be, they are important to us and anything we can do to accommodate our clients or improve our service is of interest to us. We value our customers' comments and suggestions.


During construction, for everyone's safety, pets and children should not enter the work area at any time. Even though we strive to keep the work area neat and orderly there will be tools, equipment and materials in the area that could pose a possible danger to pets and children.

The 'Punch List'

When your project is near completion we will walk through the project space to review the work that has been done. During the ‘walk-thru' if any defects are found they will be documented. You will receive a list and time frame for completion of the deficient items. The job is not complete until you are satisfied.


Therrien warrantees all materials and craftsmanship for one year from the date of the project's completion. We will also provide you all of the manufacturers' warranties and documentation (such as manuals, installation information and warranty cards for appliances, equipment, fixtures, etc.).

Service Work

If any deficiencies arise within 90 days from the project completion date, you can call the Therrien office to schedule a time to have the problem(s) corrected. At one year after the project's completion if any project related items need attention, you are asked to submit a list in writing of all items you would like us to take care of and we will schedule a time to do the necessary work. We will take care of any service work requiring immediate attention as soon as possible after we receive your notification.